Tuesday, September 16, 2014


OnMilwaukee.com will rise to the top of a crowded local media market to deliver the most innovative, fun, respectable and well-read magazine in Milwaukee.

We will grow our company with the relentless pursuit of hiring excellent people who have the commitment to innovation and the entrepreneurial instinct of the company’s founders.

With collaboration, heart, soul, spunk and spirit, we will increase revenue through strong client and community relationships.

The answers to our challenges will start with “yes,” and will surpass the expectations of our readers and advertisers.

Who we are:

  • 15 passionate, fearless digital media evangelists
  • Lead with online, let print be the companion
  • We take a different approach to local: “Making new media great media. Moving Milwaukee forward.”
  • Inclusive, not exclusive
  • We are a company built on content, community, technology and scalability
  • Productize the message, monetize the media

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