The OnMilwaukee way: How we covered all the bases and more during the Brewers 2018 playoff run

Exclusive pregame video show

We teamed up with Tim Dillard to do a pregame living room show.

We leveraged #OurCrewOurOctober

We used the hashtag to participate in community celebrations.

News fans could use

We created and re-surfaced relevant content that got our readers to care about the players and get them closer to action.

We tapped into nostalgia

We localized Brewers-based emojis

The 2018 MLB playoffs took Wisconsin by storm, so we found lots of ways to increase impact with our fans. We expanded the reach of our existing Locamoji app by adding several new Brewers-related emojis.


We told people where to eat and drink before and after the game.

Local business and community profiles

We highlighted other businesses who helped boost team pride.

We attended the games as fans first

We covered the game as events, not just as games. Sure, the score mattered, but play-by-play didn’t. We became a part of the playoff community, rather than just reporting about it.

Staff predictions via YouTube

We are always searching for ways to engage viewers with engaging video content.

Celebrated with Miller Brewing Company

We designed a Miller High Life animated sticker that fans could share to mark any Brewers sucess.