Bayshore Sounds of Summer

Client Goals

BAYSHORE came to OnMilwaukee with the goal of increasing engagement and attendance for their annual Sounds of Summer concert series in the newly-renovated community space – The Yard at BAYSHORE.

The Solution

Featured tactics: display ads, parallax ads, live video, social promotion, live appearances

OnMilwaukee developed a customized and targeted campaign integrating several tactics to reach the OnMilwaukee audience and public. We started with a slate of traditional display ads to drive awareness of their calendar of events. This also included a custom-developed parallax ad which attracts attention when it animates as the user scrolls on their device. Check that link to see it in action!

Live video can be used to promote your event, either before it happens to gather a crowd, or while it’s happening, to show what others are missing.

Additionally, BAYSHORE recruited OnMilwaukee as the Presenting Sponsor for the summer-long series and invited OnMilwaukee influencers to emcee their Friday concerts and host Facebook Live segments before and during the shows.

The Outcome

The BAYSHORE and OnMilwaukee Sounds of Summer partnership was significantly responsible for increasing year-over-year attendance by more than 70%. OnMilwaukee’s influencer emcees delivered excitement for these events with Facebook Live posts; and CTR was 125% over industry standards with our customized campaign.

From BAYSHORE: “Our new partnership and investment with OnMilwaukee was truly a win for BAYSHORE and delivered over and above the marketing and engagement goals we had set for Sounds of Summer. We’re thrilled to continue and build on this partnership in 2022.”