What does @2X mean?

For many standard display ads we ask for the same ad in two resolutions which will help make your ads look great on many different screen sizes.

1X ads (the standard creative resolution) will look more pixelated and blurry on high-resolution screens (such as mobile devices). Because of this, we also recommend the same ad rendered at twice the size (2x).

Design once, render twice

It’s easier to downsize creative than it is to enlarge it, so to make the designer’s life easier, we recommend a workflow that allows them to design once and render twice.

To start a new creative, such as a 300×250 ad, the designer should start by designing at 2X (600×500), and when they output the finals files, they should save two versions, one at 600×500 (2X for high-rez screens) and another, down-sized copy (1X for standard-rez screens).

To ensure readability, make sure type doesn’t fall below 8 points @1X (16 points @2X).

Why do some creatives not require 2X?

Some creative is only seen on one type of screen or the other and creatives that do not require 2X are typically already optimized to look best within the environment they are displayed. For instance, social sizes are already optimized for high-resolution screens and are therefore already @2X.

Standard digital display
Half Rectangle300×100*600×200
Half Page300×600*600×1200
Mobile Banner320×50*640×100
Takeover – Mobile320×480*640×960
Exclusive digital display
Takeover – Desktop640×960 OR 1280×960*
Hang Tag (Additional details)180×80*360×160
Article Sponsor640×160*1000×250*
Full Screen (Additional details)2200×1400 AND 750×1400*
Partner Pick (Additional details)1200×300-600*
Social ads
Social Feed1080×1080*
Social Story1080×1920*


Max file size: Under 200k.

Accepted formats – Standard: JPG, PNG, GIF, some HTML

Accepted formats – Exclusive: JPG, PNG, GIF

Accepted formats – Social JPG, PNG, GIF

Sales and placement

Sold by: CPM

Placement: Run-of-site (ROS) – Home, Collection, Article

Clicks tracked: Yes